Here are links to some of the Ready-To-Wear lines we carry...

Hart Schaffner & Marx

hsmlogo.jpg Hart Schaffner & Marx has been producing innovative, high-quality clothing for 125 years. As one of the largest suit manufacturers in the world, HSM continues in their tradition of providing American-made garments for their customers.

 HSM believes in creating graceful, yet resilient clothing, that will withstand the test of time. After dressing presidents, celebrities, and even the soldiers of WWI and WWII, Hart Schaffner & Marx is a perfect choice for the well-dressed man.



Corbin_Logo_2.jpgCorbin was founded in 1947 by Nathanial Corbin. Corbin is a brand customers know and love. Over the past 60 years, literally millions of customers have purchased Corbin clothing. Corbin products are well constructed, making them an outstanding combination of fit and value.


Corbin offer America's largest in-stock program in better clothing. Throughout a calendar year, Corbin will offer over 140 stock trousers, and over 80 stock clothing items. Corbin also offers the apparel industry’s finest and most complete custom trouser program. Whether it’s fit, models or fabric, our custom trouser program can fill your customer’s needs. With over 150 fabrics annually, Corbin can satisfy even the most discriminating customer.


Edwards_Logo.jpgEdwards has been a trusted source for quality career, casual and uniform apparel for over 140 years. From there early days in 1867 providing men's and boy's pants, to the present day with hundreds of styles designed for men and women, Edwards maintains its commitment to you. They know how important style, fit and value are to you and your customers and thats why we offer:

  • Styles for men and women
  • Tops and bottoms from casual to dress, classic styles and patterns
  • Fashionable styles, colors and fabric technology
  • A variety of sizes from XS - 6XL, plus talls


Sansabelt slacks blend comfort and style, ideal for today's active lifestyle. They move effortlessly from behind the wheel of a sport utility, to the conference room, office, airplane seat, golf course, restaurant and family room. The Sansabelt comfort, style, and performance are the result of continuing innovation and evolution that started when Jaymar-Ruby introduced the first Sansabelt waistband.

Sansabelt slacks feature the most important innovation in men's slacks since the zipper - the patented Sansabelt waistband: a unique triple-zone, triple action elastic webbing that provides comfort and performance with or without a belt. The evolution of that same innovation is what makes Sansabelt the most comfortable, best performing trouser you'll ever own. Sansabelt slacks are constructed with top quality fabrics and are available in a wide range of styles and colors. A strict quality control program insures that you receive the best performing product available


Haspel.gifFor the last century, Haspel has defined a uniquely American style, pioneering the seersucker suit and making preppy looks de rigueur at Ivy League campuses throughout the country. Today, at a time when younger men are increasingly dressing up and embracing modern interpretations of classic looks, Haspel has taken on a new, modern resonance. 

 Haspel is now operated by a partnership between Neema Clothing, Graj and Gustavsen, and the third generation of the Haspel family, Laurie Aronson, great-granddaughter of Joseph Haspel Sr. and her father Richard Lipsey. Haspel has expanded beyond suits, adding shirts, neckwear, outerwear and sportswear to its collections, with more categories in the works.


Enro Shirts

Enro_Logo__white_.gifThe Enro Shirt Company is dedicated solely to the tradition of quality, value and service. Their quality fabrics, design and attention to detail have made them one of the premier manufacturers.


For eighty-eight years, Enro has been marketing a line of dress shirts and sportswear to over 2,000 active retailers from coast-to-coast. The company's success is no mystery: the highest standards of production, quality details, superb service and highly competitive pricing have all contributed. Today’s Enro has broadened its business to include the following product categories supported by a major in-stock program. Not only does Enro design and manufacture fine men’s Dress Shirts in blends and all cotton, but also Sportswear, Neckwear, Pants, and Accessories that are consistent with our superior quality and design.

Hardwick Clothes, Inc.

From modest beginnings in 1880 and through the changing face for fashion, Hardwick Clothes continues to prevail as the oldest privately-held apparel manufacturer in America. A family legacy that has never strayed far from its roots in Cleveland, TN and the belief that innovations is fostered by change.

Each garment is proudly crafted in the U.S.A. using the same standards that helped shape our heritage and a time-honored tradition for superior service, quality and care.


Today, Hardwick stands as a modern facility with the heart of a family business dedicated to serving a nation and those who appreciate fine clothing.

H. Freeman

H._Freeman_Logo.jpgWhat does it mean to remember? Well, if you ever had the opportunity to meet with Nick Freeman (grandson to Hyman Freeman, founder of H. Freeman) he will tell you what it means to remember the value of face-to-face meetings, understanding customer needs, and naturally… service! “I remember spending a tremendous amount of time on the road… my belief is that you have to be in the stores, meeting with the salespeople and their customers and talking about the clothing’s features and benefits”.



For today’s H. Freeman, total commitment in the philosophical aspects of designing and selling men’s suits and remembering what makes a brand strong, independent and unique is all that matters. Our demand for quality and pride of workmanship is reflected in every one of our garments. With a reputation built upon excellence and impeccable styling, H. Freeman has proudly produced the finest in men’s tailored clothing for over 125 years in the United States.



Harmony is a long-time family clothier from Philadelphia, PA. Harmony is the leader in special-size clothing. Suit sizes start at 36Regular and go up to 80Portly.


Gruppo Bravo


Mantoni is the newest addition to our offerings. This line is perfect for the younger generation's preference of a modern and slim fit. Most Mantoni suits have narrower lapels, side vents, flat front trousers, and jazzy linings. It also offers very affordable prices.

Palm Beach


Today’s Palm Beach suits, jackets and trousers transcend seasons with fabrications ranging from summer-weight cottons, seersuckers, and linens to elegant, lightweight wool gabardines– perfect for year round wear. The line offers a vintage name combined with modern style that is always fashion correct and available in quality, comfortable seasonal fabrications.